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Contact Us

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An answering service for General Enquiries and Unsolicited public Correspondence is NOT offered.


Contact is by email so messages can be dealt with chronologically.

Company Business  (non media matters)
via director(at)ronpeggdiscoveries

Other Proposed Ideas  not addressed in the Licences on Offer section
via media(at)

via proposal(at)

Authorized Spokesman

Authorized Spokesman - Robert PengillyHello,
My name is Robert Pengilly

I am the CEO of Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd.

My task is to receive Associate or Partnership offers from the Media and others on behalf of the company. Licences will then be issued to successful parties for various Rights.

When you send the company an email, you will be dealing with me.

I am the only person authorized to speak about these Discoveries.

I do not intend to give personal interviews to the general media.
Any discussions between myself and the media will be in the role of Chief Consultant or Associate Producer for what ever part of The Pegg Project® is being jointly developed as part of the Licence Agreement and Rights that particular media outlet has purchased.

Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd, WBD, PPHC, PPHC-SG and ATTSG staff and members plus their families and friends wish to have their privacy maintained and respected.
Telephone and media interviews will not be granted.

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